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Exodus 16:12


The light aircraft had crashed in a remote area of dense jungle. A twelve-year-old boy, the only survivor, had scrambled to safety before the fire had consumed the wreckage. He was scared and utterly alone and did not know what to do when he noticed a creek amongst the foliage nearby. Recalling his father's words, "streams find fivers and rivers find the sea", he decided to follow the stream's creeping path through the bush. Birds called loudly, and a thick canopy of greenery kept the jungle floor in perpetual twilight. The boy struggled onward in the intense tropical heat. Sweat poured off his face and stung his eyes. His hunger burned, but he found some food in the form of tropical fruits that grew on bushes, and he managed to dig some fat grubs from a rotting log. The meagre fair was just enough to keep him going. Each day taxed him to his limit but also brought him a day closer, closer to his goal of the sea and, hopefully, civilization. After two weeks in the great green forest, he stumbled upon a large river that led him to the sea. To the boy's immense relief, he found a group of fishermen who took him to a small town where people gave him food and medical care. The townspeople organized a grand celebration of the boy's survival.


In the book of Exodus, we read the story of Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt through the desert toward the promised land. During their epic travels, they were confronted with extremely harsh environments and hostile people as they struggled to stay true to God's purpose. During their journey, God generously provided them with the necessities of life and caused manna to fall from heaven, quail to fly in from the desert and water to pour out of a rock. Exodus 16:12 reads, "…at twilight you shall eat meat and in the morning your fill of bread and then you shall know that I am your Lord." God, in His love for His people, gave them the means to sustain life and thrive under adverse conditions.


As we travel through life, we will encounter places like green fields, both lush and pleasant. Others are hard places that are rugged and desolate, filled with conflict and deprivation. At times we may feel like crash survivors, struggling toward safety. In the middle of life’s battles, God provides for our needs and empowers us to sustain our purpose in Him. Praise God for His amazing love and for being willing to meet us with His grace wherever we roam. Bless His name for guiding us safely home.

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