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Our Ministries

Fellowship: we would love to meet you!


Fellowship means “to share in common.” All humans have their humanity in common; it is a powerful reality that we can celebrate together. Christian fellowship is more than attending Church; it is about being part of a body of believers, becoming “one” in worshipping, loving, caring and sharing. 

Bible Study and Chatting about Life


The purpose of life is to fulfil your purpose; everyone was put on earth to accomplish something. At West End we believe that we find our purpose in God. We look for our purpose in Gods word the Bible and understand that we have much to learn from fellow seekers.



Communion, sometimes also called The Lord’s Supper is about acknowledging that Jesus’ body was broken for me and that He shed His blood for me. We take part in the Lords Supper to remember his sacrifice. When I break the bread, I remember how His body was broken for me. When I drink of the cup, I remember that He shed His blood for my sake for the forgiveness of sins. 



We have become convinced through our experiences that prayer works. The reason it works is because the loving and powerful God who cares about every aspect of his world and of our lives is listening. If you would like us to pray for you please let us know. 

Meals for Food Relief
Grocery Parcels

Clothes & Blankets

Toiletries & Personal Items 
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