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West End Volunteer Information


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Life is tough when you’re living rough. The simple act of delivering a home-cooked meal or a cup of coffee to  someone is a wonderful way to lift a burden and say, “I care about you; I see you; you matter.” Serving food to people is encouraging! At West End Christian Fellowship, we have noticed many people who are willing to share their time and their hearts with people who are lonely are who need a hand. There are also others who serve in the background, organizing, and cooking or praying daily for the people whose paths they cross. There is always a place for you to serve!


Volunteer chefs can sign up individually or as part of a group. Safe food handling training is available for all of our volunteers and there is room for every kind of schedule! Each chef is responsible for preparing and packaging meals for the community fridge weekly or fortnightly. Arrangements are made in advance for the food packaging, labelling and deliver and a list of pantry is available upon request. Meals are prepared with love.


Human companionship is one of the most basic needs of life. Saying hello and giving some one your attention in conversation makes a big difference. Being willing to listen or to empathise and share life’s ups and downs together is a valuable gift. This simple one-on-one connection helps people who may be struggling to better deal with the challenges of life.


The community fridge is filled by our Angels twice per week, every week, rain or shine. We are fortunate to partner with community organizations in and around Brisbane who are well-placed to distribute meals where they are needed. Food delivery volunteers are always welcome. This is one of the most rewarding times of the week!


Imagine how different the world would be if every year everyone sought out an individual from a disadvantaged background and became their friend? Making a friend of folks who struggle does not mean you have to rescue them from their current circumstances; It simply means being willing to listen, encourage, interact, and demonstrate unconditional love during their week and lending them a helping hand.

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